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Honesty and Integrity: It's what we built our business on. We want you to know that we will always be honest and treat our customers the way we would want them to treat us. Our integrity and reputation are very valuable to us - and to our customers - it's the #1 reason people come back to us. We pride ourselves on keeping our customers safe on the road without pushing for unnecessary repairs. We also don't just guess and throw a bunch of parts at a problem hoping we fix it. We are deliberate and methodical with the repairs we recommend. We take a common sense approach to what actually needs to be done now and what can wait until your next visit. Stop by and give us a chance to prove it.

automotiveWe realize that you have a choice when it comes to service and repair for your car or light truck -- it seems there is a garage or repair shop on every corner these days and the dealers are popping up everywhere. We want to show you that we're different. Jerry has been fixing cars and trucks since 1972; his approach is methodical and honest. We have been the right choice for friends and neighbors in Grapevine, Coleyville, South Lake and other surrounding communities for years and we'd like to be your choice as well. We'll give you a straight and honest estimate and we are never pushy nor will we upsell services. Request a quote, call or stop in today -- we'll treat you like a friend!

Customer reviews

  • Jerry has been my mechanic for over 20 years and there is no one else I trust working on my cars. I have referred everyone I could to Jerry, especially women, who I know car dealerships and repair shops, take advantage of. You will NEVER find a harder working or more honest man than Jerry. Robbie A.
  • Found myself driving through Dallas with a really weird noise coming from my engine. Pulled into this place and was told it was a loose bolt, they had it fixed in minutes, charged me $5. Honest guys, great service. You rock! Nina H.
  • Jerry is incredibly helpful. Went in on a recommendation for an oil change and I'll go back every time! He was able to diagnose, fix, and explain a few other issues I was having as well. He's an honest mechanic that I will recommend to friends and family. Pam B.
  • A good, hard-working mechanic. Jerry has always treated me with respect and kindness. Thanks, Jerry! Claudia D.
Fair Prices


Is your car not acting like it should? Hear a noise or feel a strange vibration? Bring it to us (or have it towed in) and we’ll be happy to check it out. If you decide to do the needed repairs, we’ll apply the time spent to diagnose the problem into the labor charge for the repair instead of double-charging you!

Assure Value


Thinking about buying or selling a used vehicle? We’ll be happy to inspect it for hidden damages, immediate repairs, or repairs that are lurking just around the corner. Our inspection service is affordable and quick so give us a shout when its time to purchase that used vehicle - we'll give you peace of mind.

Honest Service


While we don’t specialize in oil changes, we’d be happy to complete your oil change so as to establish a relationship with you and show you that we are straight-shooters. We’ll check your fluids, check your tire wear and pressures, and of course, change the oil and filter. We offer conventional and AMSOIL synthetic oils.

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