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There is nothing that instills peace of mind more than having a professional go through a vehicle prior to a sale - and giving an honest opinion of its condition. Whether you are buying or selling a vehicle -- being able to identify any operational, safety or cosmetic issues before the transaction takes place is a great way to keep the sale from derailing or causing problems after the fact - or paying too much for a vehicle that needs repairs. ur objective and neutral approach does not favor any party - we tell it like it is and furnish you with a complete, comprehensive report.

automotiveBuyers - Bring any vehicle you are interested in purchasing - we will go through it step by step and make sure it is roadworthy - we'll inspect the engine, transmission, suspension , fuel system, tires, brakes, fluid levels, check for past DTC codes and examine the repair / maintenance history. If there are problems or potential for problems - we will identify them on our report.

Sellers - No one wants to sell a car that has hidden problems - we offer a comprehensive inspection, similar to our pre-sale inspection for buyers - that goes through every major system on the vehicle , as well, interior and exterior. If there are issues, we identify them for you and give you the ability to repair or remedy them prior to offering the vehicle for sale. Once completed, you are issued an inspection report that you can furnish to any potential buyer showing you were proactive in your approach to selling your vehicle.

For more information about vehicle pre-sales inspection service in Grapevine, call us at 817-488-9200.

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