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OOne part of your car that you experience every day but are typically unaware of is your suspension. The suspension is essential to making our driving experience both comfortable, stable and safe. Damaged or improper suspension components like shocks, struts, springs and bushings can lead to a myriad of problems; money and safety being the most prominent.

automotiveYour suspension consists of many different parts that all work together to make your drive safer as well as more manageable. Vehicles use specific forms of suspension parts that best suit the job and weight of the vehicle. For example, the suspension of a sports car generally is going to be very different than that of a large, heavy truck. Suspension for each vehicle is designed to achieve a particular handling experience and safety / stability envelope.

As mentioned in the former there are many parts that work together to make suspension a functioning unit. These parts tend to consist of a variety of pneumatic (air-driven), hydraulic (oil-driven) and mechanical components that work together to achieve a stable ride. Shocks, Struts, Stablizer Bars, Urethane Bushings, Coil Springs, Leaf Springs, Air Bags and other parts form a suspension.

There are a number of factors that go into a suspension design such as how much or how little springs expand and contract and how fast shocks recover - this determines a soft ride or a more harsh ride. Whichever suspension design you have - you are certain to need maintenance on it at some point. Suspensions must be maintained by inspecting for worn parts, cleaning and lubricating critical items like joints and bushings , and checking shocks and struts for leaks. By taking care of all these parts yourvehicle's ride and handling will remain consistent and safe.

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