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KKeeping your car running smooth and as clean as possible is something that many people find difficult to do. The simple fact is that our cars need to be serviced by mechanics and specially trained people to keep them running great. Many people don't realize that keeping your car in good condition also involves keeping its emissions running as clean as possible.

automotivePrevention - Keeping your fuel injection system, spark plugs and all of your internal hardware in good condition will help prolong your emissions system. When components of within engine begin to corrode or wear down they don't function as well. When they don't function well the engine as a whole must work harder to perform the same tasks causing more exhaust to be created.

Maintenance - Oil leaks, worn rings, and other engine issues may load up the catalytic converters with tars and burnt fuel soot - rendering them ineffective at removing harmful exhaust agents. This may cause you to fail emissions tests at the MVD. Keeping your engine in good shape, using proper fuel, and frequently having your mechanic check fuel, ignition and emissions system will help to keep your vehicle running with few problems & you'll pass your emissions testing every time!

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